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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  August 25, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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"fox news sunday." we are live at fox report. american war ships sitting not far from syria. here is what we know. there's little doubt syria is using chemical weapons on its own people, from a senior obama administration official. is it time to fire away? >> i certainly would do cruise missile strikes. i think you can do that without
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boots on the ground, without having americans in harm's way. >> if the military advises, this could destroy the chemical weapon stockpile, i would support that. >> fox report, the latest response here and overseas to new talks of military intervention against the assad regime. also bugging, the united nations? a new report says america's spy agency, the nsa, targeted u.n. headquarters. in minutes, what the latest allegations against the nsa could mean for washington and our allies. and when you run with the bulls, you want to dodge the horns. but there's another danger lurking in america's newest past time, the drones over the sand. no really, you have to watch out for those, too, apparently.
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i am harris faulkner. the pope, leader of one billion catholics around the world has spoken about syria. as you know, world governments, including our own, are pondering what to do about the civil war in syria creating millions of refugees, putting pressure on neighboring muslim countries and potentially punching holes in an already fragile imbalance there. it could be the opening for terrorists to capitalize on the chaos in syria. aside from the wrangling by the politicians and diplomats, today, pope francis called for action, urging the international community to step up efforts to help syria end the war. the pope addressed tens of thousands of worshippers in st. peter's square, speaking about the terrible images showing innocent civilians under attack. he renewed calls for the syrian government and rebels to put down arms and start talking. pope francis also expressing love with prayers and solidarity to victims of the conflict and those suffering, especially the
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children. now to the new reaction in washington. just hours ago, lawmakers from both political parties calling for a limited military response. the reported chemical attack in syria's capital city, killing hundreds. the u.n. announcing syria is claiming it will allow a team of inspectors to examine the site. that's set to begin tomorrow. a senior obama administration official saying there's very little doubt people were gassed. senator bob corker of tennessee, ranking member of the foreign relations committee is among the lawmakers going on the record today. >> i think we will respond in a surgical way and i hope the president as soon as we get back to washington will ask for authorization from congress to do something in a very surgical and proportional way, something that gets their attention, that causes them to understand that we are not going to put up with this kind of activity. we have to verify it was directed by the assad regime.
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that will allow us to build an international coalition and that is necessary to take further steps in syria, also will help diffuse some of the countries like iran, russia, trying to pawn this off on the rebels. >> and the second lawmaker, of course, you saw there was senator jack reed who talked about diffusing countries like iran and he mentioned russia, long time ally of the syrian president, bashar al-assad. the russian foreign ministry says any bilateral actions that bypasses united nations would have a devastating impact on security in the middle east. elizabeth pran with more. >> we heard from the administration over the weekend, the navy station destroyers in the eastern mediterranean see, but no word on plans for the ships. the administration says a quick intervention would be problematic, while some lawmakers think leaders should be acting out of abundance of caution, others say there should
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be more activity. >> we know there are four war ships, again, off the coast of syria, missiles are an option to try to take out the chemical stock piles. >> just standing off, throwing a few missiles, dropping a few bombs on key targets are what we in the military call a feel good bombing. it gives the president the ability to say he's done something, perhaps some in america feel better, but in terms of degrading the ability of the syrian army to attack its own people in this civil war, i don't think much is going to come out of it. >> secretary of state john kerry has also been in contact with domestic and foreign colleagues over the weekend. harris? >> a couple hours ago, we learned the president spoke with the president of france today. what do you know about what they said? >> we know he spoke with the french president today. according to the administration, they discussed possible future responses by the international community and agreed to stay in
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constant communication. just yesterday, the president spent more than 40 minutes speaking with the british prime minister david cameron. they agree the crisis is upgraded, warrants serious response. two leaders agree all options to be on the table. of course, harris, all of the men express great concern about the alleged use of chemical weapons. >> elizabeth prann, thank you. inspectors are set to visit the site of the alleged chemical attack. the syrian government agreed to allow them to go in. they will begin fact-finding in syria in a few hours. it is already monday there. senior u.s. officials say it may be too late to find anything. if the syrians had nothing to hide, would have let them in five days ago. britain's foreign secretary says evidence of that attack may be gone. coming up, inside the fox report, you heard us so far report two threats, one from
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iran, one from russia. if our military were to make a move in syria outside the united nations. to get a better idea what the threats mean and whether they would actually deter us making a move, we bring in former u.s. ambassador to united nations, john bolton. i'll ask him about it. an inferno burning near the northern border of yosemite national park covers well over 200 square miles. that breaking development just hours ago. it is now the size of the city of chicago. just overnight it grew by more than seven square miles in size. firefighters faced with strong winds in the forecast for tonight. forest land, homes, lives, all in the path of the so-called rim fire. >> 15 minutes to be out of our house. we only got our kids, our animals, a little bit of pictures and of paperwork we really needed. it was hard. >> it is a lot now. just moved in three months ago. we're just getting on our feet,
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getting stable. >> adding to the sense of alarm, crews only able to contain the fire by about 7%. as you may know. it has been a very active wildfire season with 50 burning currently across western states, you see on the map. reports dense smoke from some fires is pouring into reno, nevada, creating major health concerns. visibility so bad there they can't care flight ambulances in the air. dominic did i na tally has more. >> reporter: you're looking at a massive volume of smoke. it burst out in the past few moments. we were seeing the orange glow of the fire on the edge of the city. this is the moment the fire crucial have been absolutely dreading the past 48 hours. they have been making make or break efforts to protect this
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city from the fire as it comes in. the fire is burning two different colors, white is fuel, so hot. the green fuel is putting black waves into the air. air vurz is going over. had a massive air tanker, four prop plane looking to see where it should put retardant. about 16,000 homes here or sorry, 1600 homes that need protecting. 2,000 fire crew. some members of the crew from sunnyvale and palo alto are looking at that column of smoke, extremely worried. a few colleagues moments before we came on air left in the fire truck, headed in their direction. you know an extra 2,000 firefighters were brought in yesterday to protect this town. almost 8 firefighters per home. with easterly winds coming in and pushing in this direction, this really is not what they wanted to see. but they knew winds would be a
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risk, going anything from 10 to 40 miles per hour going over the hillside. that kind of wind guarantees how many lines they create, the fire can jump the lines and that will be devastating for the town. back to you. >> the first image was from your own camera. i knew from my notes you would be live near it. you're fairly close to it. can you smell the smoke? >> oh, yes. it has been thick through the day. you can feel it on the back of our throat, coating like a powder, in our nostrils. it is quite difficult. blue sky above it one side and smoke keeps wasping in. i have to say this does not look good for the town. there's already advisory, evacuation. looks like any time soon a mandatory evacuation. we were tipped off by cal fire saying that probably will happen today. looking at the size and the race
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it is approaching, i wouldn't be surprised if evacuation was put in in minutes, certainly in a matter of hours. >> that will effect everybody, including you. real quickly, before i let you go, massive historic fire. from what i am reading, they're not trying to put it out exactly, they're going to try to divert it? >> reporter: it is too big. uncontrollable winds, very difficult. they'll create division lines, try to direct it north and east, away from the populated areas. once they can do that, they will know the direction the fire will go in. it is easier to contain, easier to ring fence. >> dominic di-natale showing us the smoke, causing the crew technical difficulties. we lost him at the end. as he said, they're probably going to move now. you could see the flames, well, not the flames but the smoke. we will stay on this, go back to him later in the hour, possibly
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by phone if we have to. right now, an emergency in the sky is prompting a quick reaction from a cockpit. what forced a flight with nearly 200 people on board to get back on the ground as fast as they could. and remembering a life cut short. an australian student athlete living out his dream in america, gunned down by three teenagers while jogging. police say they did it because they were bored. now paying tribute here and down under. stay close. [ male announcer ] frequent heartburn? the choice is yos. chalky...
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landing in alabama. it was enroute from cancun to mexico. the problem sparked by a burned out fluorescent light. everybody is off the plane and safe we are told. a memorial service held today for a 22-year-old australian man gunned down jogging in oklahoma. friends, family, former teammates of christopher lane gathered on the baseball field in melbourne where he used to play. a wreath, flowers, baseball caps placed on the diamond. a minute of silence before red and black balloons were released in his memory. >> today is part of the grieving process. it is important for our clubs to be around each other to make sure that everyone, including the family, feels the support and make sure that they feel like they're not alone. >> lane was studying in the united states on a baseball scholarship. three teenagers are accused of his murder. authorities say one of them said they shot him because they were bored. now we're learning a lot of new
4:17 pm
reaction to that murder. peter doocy in washington. >> reporter: when they called james edwards into the station to be charged with murdering australian baseball player chris lane, edwards danced and did twirls and treated the entire process like a joke. this is the same suspect who tweeted in april, quote, 90% of white people are nasty, #hatethem. but stevens county district attorney says right now race is not seen as a motive. so he is is not investigating a hate crime. >> there's nothing inside the files and the audio and reports that we've been given that would lead us to believe that christopher lane was killed simply because of his nationality or because of his race. >> reporter: president obama has so far been quieter about chris lane's murder than teenager trayvon martin's death. oklahoma's governor mary fallon
4:18 pm
said it would be nice if he spoke up. >> it would be a nice gesture to do so, especially since australia has expressed their sentiment as to the murder itself. >> the d.a. says expect to see them in court in october. >> thank you. last night on the fox report, remember we told you some employees at the nsa used the government spy gear to look in on their love interests. now a new report says the agency allegedly targeted the united nations. also, two would be robbers burst into a restaurant and run right into a big surprise, an employee, on a mission. ♪
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a new report about the national security agency spying, one that could strain relations between washington and our allies. germany's weekly magazine claims the nsa has bugged the u.n. headquarters in new york city. the publication cites secret documents obtained by edward snowden, former nsa contractor living as a u.s. fugitive inside russia. they report the secret files reveal how the u.s. bugged some 80 embassies and spied on the european union and u.n. nuclear watchdog, international atomic energy agency. they claim the surveillance had little or nothing to do with warding off terror. former egyptian president hosni mubarak was back in a cairo courtroom earlier today, his first appearance before a judge since being released from
4:23 pm
prison last week. the ex-leader, 85 years old, currently living in a military hospital. mubarak is facing retrial on charges of failing to stop the killings of protesters during the 2011 uprising that led to his downfall. since then, as you know, we have been reporting egypt has been plagued by growing acts of violence where muslim brotherhood supporters are targeting christians, holding them partially responsible for the departure of the most recent president, mohamed morsi. but thousands of miles away, egyptians of both faiths found a place to put aside religious differences and co-exist in peace and friendship. brian yennis joins us from the new york bureau. >> headlines read of chaos, bloodshed, deep division. 6,000 miles away, they hope to
4:24 pm
inspire hope and democracy. >> we live together in peace, we don't pretend, we don't do it, it comes naturally. >> reporter: coptic christian has lived in jersey city the last 27 years. >> you have very friendly relationship with our brothers, the muslims, they come into our -- >> reporter: attacks on more than 40 coptic christian churches and deaths of nearly a thousand egyptians strain the community. >> there has been a lot of agony and people very alarmed with this, who are praying. >> reporter: praying for people like coptic christians, two of his cousins killed last week. he is angry, but old and new tensions threaten to erupt, some well and other openings immigrants refuse to give in. >> what we need is the real
4:25 pm
justice taking place, real democracy taking place, the real freedom taking place. >> the muslims are -- the muslim brotherhood, they come and try to defend the church. >> reporter: this muslim leader hopes jersey city can inspire egypt to keep rallying for democracy. >> we want to give example of how the egyptian community live in america and how they understand each other. >> a community standing strong as the world watches egypt on the brink. harris? >> bryan, thank you. cruise missiles like the ones i am about to show you are one of the weapons in our arsenal. one lawmaker says the u.s. should be prepared to use them against the assad regime in the wake of chemical attack against
4:26 pm
his own people. but our next guest says the government may have it wrong when they say who should feel the brunt of american military might. many people think they're cool, some people think they're invasive. either way, it is best if a small drone stays in the air when hovering over a crowd. this one didn't stay in the air, came down very unexpectedly. ♪ [ crashing ] [ male announcer ] when your favorite food starts a fight, fight back fast with tums. heartburn relief that neutralizes acid on contact and goes to work in seconds. ♪ tum, tum tum tum tums! heartburn relief that neutralizes acid on contact ♪ ♪
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texas about a reunion involving a vietnam war veteran and something close to his heart. in 1968, u.s. marine lan ee martin son was severely injured in a mine field in vietnam. six fellow marines were killed. during his long road to recovery, his dog tags were somehow lost. 43 years later an australian school teacher trekking through the vietnam brush stumbled upon the same dog tags that man couldn't find. thanks to the efforts of good samaritans, his long lost dog tags are back in his possession. >> i thought maybe i could find him, post it back to him in the mail to america. i never dreamed that this whole thing would end up like this. >> it was very overwhelming. i still don't know why. just a piece of aluminum, but i had to have it a long time.
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i am harris faulkner, this is the fox report. bottom of the hour, time for the top news. a senior u.s. official says there's little doubt chemical weapons were used by the syrian regime against its own people. hundreds died in last week's attack. today, the syrian government claimed they will allow u.n. inspectors to look at the site it happened. u.s. officials say at this point it is probably too late. all of this happening as lawmakers call for limited military response, and other western powers, including britain and france express grave concern. ambassador john bolton, former ambassador to the u.n. and fox news contributor. do you wait for the inspectors to tell us what they found there at the death site or is the white house stalling for time to make a decision? >> i don't think the u.n. inspectors will find much of anything. the syrian regime probably cleaned up the sites, made them mbiguous that nobody can tell who use the
4:32 pm
chemical weapons. they may have had russian assistance to do that. i think the syrians thought they were buying time and may yet, but the rhetoric from the white house is undoubtedly stepped up. of course, we have been down that road before as well. i think the real problem for the united states is that the administration is reacting more out of political concern than from strategic thinking. the president looked very foolish, very weak six months ago when chemical weapons were first reported used on a large scale, crossing the red line that the president himself drew a year ago and the president did nothing. now you have an even more egregious use of chemical weapons and he thinks he needs to do something, but he clearly doesn't know what or for what purpose. >> the problem is the red line is that it is red, few people will ever forget it. today, ambassador rand issued the first of two threats we heard, the other coming from russia, get to that in a moment.
4:33 pm
iran said we better not touch syria, paraphrasing it. should that be deterrent for us? >> no, the syrians think president obama is weak and are trying to bully him. in this context it will have the opposite effect and convince him he has to do something, lob a couple cruise missiles or more into syria to prove he has, quote, unquote, done something. the real issue here is what to do about iran. let's face it, the assad regime after two years of conflict would not be in power if it were not for russia and iran, and primarily iran. looking at syria is looking as tragic as it is is looking in a strategic sense at a secondary issue. the real problem is the regime in iran. that's where we ought to direct our attention. >> let's talk on the subject matter of other countries issuing threats to america, should it get involved outside the bounds of the united nations. no one said we would do that. but russia today issuing a
4:34 pm
warning that there would be grave consequences in that region to the security in the middle east, if we should suddenly use our military with regard to syria. in fact, we have a little bit from a lawmaker, mike mccall, republican out of texas, who talks about that tenuous relationship now with russia. let's watch that and then we'll talk more. >> the relationship between the white house and the putin administration is so bad and lacks so much credibility that i think it is very difficult. we have a shared interest. i believe the rugs don't want chemical weapons used, as does the united states, so we do have an opportunity, i hope the president will try to take advantage of. >> and the could you tell committee chairman there. curious of your thoughts. >> i think they think obama is weak and can bully him, pushing
4:35 pm
on one other button that the president highlighted last week when he wondered what his international authority was to launch military action. and thinking specifically of the u.n. security council where russia has a veto. frankly, i don't think the united states should care one wit whether we have a security council resolution or not. this is thinking in a european way, who has authorized me to do this, as opposed to thinking in the traditional american way, who is prohibiting me from doing this. while i think we ought to disregard it, i think the russians know the president's psychology and that's what they're trying to effect. >> chat rooms, they're saying our nation shouldn't be involved, some of them. you also said we shouldn't be involved there the way we are, syria is a secondary issue. what do you mean? >> as i said, the assad regime would not be in power but for iran, and while people say this
4:36 pm
is a place where we can defeat iran, this is effectively much less important than iran's nuclear weapons program. and i'll tell you something right now. if the president doesn't act with massive force in syria, if it is just a slap on the wrist to the assad regime, which many are predicting, i think the lesson iran draws from that we better get our nuclear weapons capability immediately because then we will be immune to an american slap on the wrist. on the other hand, if the president does use massive force to change the balance of forces within syria itself, it could well result in the opposition taking power, which i don't think is in america's interest either. that's why i stress i don't think the president knows his own mind. i don't think he knows what his strategy is. i think that's what all of the agonizing is about. >> very interesting. you paint such different scenarios there. and i'll change topics just slightly because i want to ask your opinion about this.
4:37 pm
samantha power has taken your old post as u.s. ambassador at the u.n. she was away for personal reasons we read this week, missed that very important emergency meeting at the united nations. it was on syria. how unusual is it that the ambassador would miss a meeting like that? >> well, i think it is okay for people to take vacations. i think that's fine. i didn't take a vacation when i started at the beginning of august of 2005, but maybe i'm a workaholic. i think she will be back in time for anything else that happens, given that publicity. >> so no significance in terms of how we are moving forward or anything like that? >> nothing of significance on syria is going to happen at the united nations anyway. she probably could stay in ireland another couple weeks from that perspective. >> that is blunt. let's talk about something entirely different. changing topics to new information we have gotten about the nsa spying, not just on millions of american citizens as we learned about from edward snowden, the u.s. contractor now
4:38 pm
a fugitive inside russia, but the united nations, that they were being bugged. up to 80 embassies around the world. that's got to pose some question i would imagine the minds of our allies. your thoughts on it? >> the der spiegel article says espionage against the united nations took place in 2012, which i find deliciously ironic that the obama administration is spying on the united nations. here is what i think. any gathering of foreigners is a legitimate target for american espionage, unless we have agreement that precludes us from doing it. and any foreign government absent such an agreement that doesn't think we may be spying on them doesn't live in the real world. that's the way it is, doesn't bother me at all. i think this shows a fundamental point that snowden and his media friends are trying to prove. not to awaken americans about potential violations of privacy
4:39 pm
but to hurt the united states internationally. while most americans couldn't care less if we're spying on the u.n., in many other countries, that's almost sack ril aj. that's the point of this coming out in germany. >> ambassador bolton, we appreciate your candor and experience. thank you as always for joining us. >> thank you, harris. glad to do it. robbers hit a restaurant, they ran into something, a quick thinking employee. stopped the bandits in their tracks and protected people inside. the rest of the story coming up. and remembering a great american hero through music. one year since the day of his passing. nasa's touching tribute to neil armstrong. ♪ ♪
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a plane hits a golf course and a couple of people playing on the 12th hole drop their clubs, run to help. our top story on this fox trip across america. california. that aircraft broke into pieces when it went down in a wooded area on the big maloney golf course next to the sacramento executive airport. >> saw the plane, on the 12th hole, saw the plane banking hard, i was like man, that's low. then a couple seconds later hit the trees and boom. >> they ran to it, stopping for just a moment when they smelled the fuel. >> this man is a pilot, said don't rush in, could be smoke, flames. we noticed there was no smoke, no flames, so we rushed in. >> the two men on board survived, one was unconscious. >> we made a decision just to get him in case it goes up, get him out of here. >> sacramento fire department treated the crash scene as a level two hazmat situation because of all of the fuel. both the pilot and passenger will be okay.
4:44 pm
ohio. a church's chicken employee in akron took on two would be robbers, hosing them down with hot water. one customer called him a hero. >> he could have came in here, shot the place up, hurt somebody. he used whatever he had to get the job done, you know. so now the hospitals need to look for someone with a big burn on them. >> they believe they robbed a fast food restaurant a week ago. >> going to need a lot of cocoa butter. pennsylvania, a family thought a west philadelphia woman was dead and buried, even held a funeral for her. turns out she's alive. >> you know how you feel you just about to get over it, that she's dead, and then travis comes here with the news that she's alive. >> the woman who is 50 years old was missing for a month. then a body was found. authorities showed her son travis a picture and he confirmed to officials it was her. but obviously it wasn't. now a police investigation into who was actually buried.
4:45 pm
florida. a soldier in afghanistan for nearly a year, returning home, giving his four children a huge surprise. they threw out first pitch at the fort myers game. kids didn't know it, that's dad behind the catcher's mask. >> hey! >> please welcome him! >> just really kind of brings home everything that i've been wanting for the last ten months. >> that's fox watch across america. good-bye, a year later for one of the nation's top space pioneers. ♪ >> music video currently posted on nasa's website and on youtube in memory of astronaut neil
4:46 pm
armstrong. the first person to step foot on the moon died exactly one year ago today. he was 82. the video is a mix of iconic pictures from armstrong's historic moon landing in july of 1969, and that beautiful music, title tranquility base by song writer, grammy nominee, eric grace. refers to the name armstrong gave the site where the lunar module touched down all those years ago. a brewing controversy, where a small time coffee salesman claims he is about to lose his business to the big dogs has some war veterans steamed. some war veterans steamed. and urban
4:47 pm
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they're mad at joe over coffee. he says bean counters want to shut him down, they say it is about the bottom line. >> reporter: president obama calls small businesses the backbone of our economy. >> they're the force behind our free enterprise system, and that free enterprise system is the greatest engine of growth and prosperity the world has known. >> reporter: but he is among dozens of independent contractors going out of business because of the government. his coffee shop with dozens of others that operate in veterans hospitals across the nation are being replaced with a federally run chain called patriot brew.
4:51 pm
after 15 years serving java and friendly banter, he is out at the end of the month. >> much harder small coffee shop going out of business, it is concern for the veterans, 160 other coffee shops nationwide. >> reporter: administrators with veteran's affairs say eliminating mom and pop shops and handling coffee themselves will save money and result in a consistent assortment of snacks and beverages, including starbucks brand coffee. their statement goes on to say, quote, the coffee shop conversions have been well received by employees, veterans, and their families at locations where it has been introduced. but gilmore says the switch means higher prices than the dollar a cup he charges. while this navy vet says he'll miss the man more than the coffee. >> get more therapy talking with ken than i do going to p.t.s.d. groups i attend. >> he and others wonder if
4:52 pm
they'll offer as much customer service as ken gilmore did more than a decade. 800 people signed a petition to let him stay open. there's no response from the va which is moving ahead with dozens more coffee shop conversions. in sacramento, claudia cowan, fox news. when it comes to high adrenaline water sports, urban cliff diving is popular these days. the red bull world series of cliff diving made its only u.s. stop in boston this weekend. it has been a european favorite for decades. judging by the number of boston spectato spectators, it may come to america. these competitors took the plunge from a building platform 90 feet above the waterfront. earlier this hour on live report from a raging wildfire, went off the air with smoke hitting our crew, technical issues there caused by the smoke. they had to move.
4:53 pm
but they're moving people, families, residents in that town right now. the monster inferno is on. dominic tells me he is ready to give an update after this commercia
4:54 pm
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it is the size of the city of chicago burning in the yosemite national forest. dominic di-natale is with us. >> reporter: you can see the plume in the sky, it dissipated in the past few minutes because the national guard sent in a mass air tanker to spray over the area. we understand from cal fire, there are mitigation efforts to get that fire in check. it is so close to the town. haven't heard from the director on the ground tackling the fire. he's supposed to phone in any time to tell us what exactly the state of the fire is. we still have an evacuation advisory in. the big issue, will it change to
4:57 pm
evacuation warning that is issued before imminent evacuation order is put in place where people have to clear town. back to you, harris. >> dominic di-natale, caught in the movement as people try to get to safer ground. we appreciate your reporting. thank you. a big day at the barkley's for the masters. peter schraeger is here. golf, golf, golf. >> this is adam scott, he won the masters. came into the tournament, tiger woods sunday was in the mix, tied for second, adam scott wins. he just didn't screw up. that's what happened. the rest of the guys were bogeying down the stretch. scott played solid, wins by three strokes, tiger woods, second place. >> i usually don't follow that much little league. when it is japan against us, the united states, california, i have to get in on that. >> it was a great game. japan played chula vista. usa was up early, japan wins 6-4. their 14th title.
4:58 pm
23rd time a team from california was in the championship game, did not win. it was a well played game. here are the young kids celebrating. >> look at them. >> here on the east coast, everybody is talking about the jets, the quarterback situation. all over the papers today. what is the deal. >> out there last night, jets played the giants in a preseason football game. quarterback mark sanchez was inserted late in the game, fourth quarter, goes down. mri today, shoulder injury. report is day to day, that's what they're saying. now they're left with rookie gino smith, threw three interceptions last night. it is a bit of a mess. season starts in less than two weeks. i want to tell everybody, fox sports won, on the map. tomorrow night, big interview. let me plug you, for goodness sakes. we have a big interview. >> one on one with joe flacco. fox sports live, flagship show,
4:59 pm
11:00 p.m. eastern, 8:00 pacific. tomorrow, flacco, watch it. >> tomorrow, pete schraeger, love it. feel that synergy? >> they love it here at the news corp. building. an update to the u.s. version of spain's running of the bulls. told you last night, the great bull run kicked off in virginia. first with a mishap in the sky. i thought it would have to do with bulls. it didn't. a drone with video cameras to film the run crashed into the stands. people were running, but from that thing. one spectator was hit in the face. two runners rushed to the hospital, at least one was trampled. we're told everybody survived. this was the first of nine bull running events happening across the the country. what's next, texas i think? and florida. we got to go see that. beware of the drones. there you go. that's how fox reports this sunday, august 25th, 2013.
5:00 pm
happy birthday to my mom. i can't tell you her age because she won't tell me. i'm harris faulkner. thanks for watching. have a great week everybody. "huckabee" starts. tonight on "huckabee," with his signature legislation broken, the president continues to blame republicans. >> the one unifying principle in the republican party at the moment is making sure that 30 million people don't have health care. >> but it is not just the gop that doesn't like obama care. >> i just see a huge train wreck coming down. >> i'm of the belief the aca is probably the most complex piece of legislation ever passed by the united states congress. >> democrats, the irs, and even unions have major issues with obama care. the president says no one has a better plan. >> what are the solution


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